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Achieve More Happiness, Fitness, & Success

Happiness from Within! Discover How To Train Your Mindset To Be Happy & Fit: Are you finally ready to regain your happiness, liveliness, vitality & energy all with ease? And, are you ready to set yourself up for a lifetime of success, happiness, health and goal achievement? Start with your free happiness checklist here.


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Get Free instant access to amazing tips & motivation so that you can change your life, be more happier, healthier, & successful; and live your life on purpose while having fun. Get your free how happiness works checklist here!!!


Meet D'TaRelle

Happy mindset, resilience, fitness and goals expert who is passionate about helping faith-based women over fifty & children to achieve more...

D'TaRelle is the creator of fitness & brain-based wellness programs for adults and children; is a certified positive prime coach, and is an expert at knowing how physical movement affects and enhances the body, brain, and emotions; ultimately providing 'Happy Results In Fitness and Goal Achievement.'

She is one of the most sought after keynote speakers on: mindset, resilience, and fitness, has been featured on the Billionaire Mindset Forum Broadcast, and likes to engage & wow her audience with fun, informative & transformational instructions that results in less stress, & overall happiness.


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How I Can Help You!

Happiness from Within, Discover How to Train Your Mindset to be Happy & Fit if:

  • You want to achieve more happiness in all areas of your life, but need help getting started.

  • You feel led to get started, but your mindset has resistance, or perhaps you feel avoidance.

  • You are ready to 'finally' regain your 'happiness,' liveliness, vitality & energy all with ease.

  • You are ready to set yourself up for a lifetime of success in happiness, health, & goal achievement.

  • You struggle with holding on to weight that you desire to release because 'something' holds you back.


Coach D'TaRelle celebrating her 2-pack at 60.

I will guide you with step by step strategies on how 'Happiness Works' to achieve more of the things that you want for your life with fun, ease, and effectiveness. 

What Our Happy Clients Say

"D'TaRelle is awesome, fabulous & fun! She is very professional at all of her endeavors and I highly recommend her!!!" 

-Gail A. Glover

“I love that it was doable for me. I love your positive, inspiring energy, and I am happy to continue learning how to beat belly jelly!"

-Barb Gibson

"Simply amazing, uplifting and positive ALL the time! D'TaRelle's smile is contagious & I enjoy her upbeat personality."

-Jameka L. Joiner

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