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Helping You To Understand How Happiness Works In Your Life!

D'TaRelle F. Tullis

Did you know that happiness has a structure, a way that it works in your brain and in your life?

When structured in just the right way and order with all the right ingredients, yield results that bring you not just happiness but also ease and freedom too!

This is exactly what D’TaRelle does.

 D'TaRelle F. Tullis has 30+ years of experience in helping & training hundreds of women & children in achieving happiness, fitness, and goals; with science-based, tried and true methods that work. And she is filled with happiness and joy to help you to achieve the same for you!!!

Happy Mindset, Resilience and Fitness Coach.

D’TaRelle is a specialist in how physical movement affects and enhances the body, brain, and emotions. How it can be used to enhance brain functions & contributes to happiness and well-being.

She is a Happy Mindset, Resilience and Fitness Coach, who works with children and faith-based women over 50 by using her secret recipe, and brain-based movements.

D'TaRelle helps women to reclaim their bodies and their lives, have slimmer waists, and more energy. This helps them feel good about their bodies and live life on their terms. 

D'TaRelle has also designed programs that help make creating positive changes in behavior and mindset easy and effortless in as little as 3 minutes a day.


Being an expert of fun, a happy mindset, fitness, and success is my superpower.

As an entrepreneur for close to 30 years, D'TaRelle has created programs to help women and children in: Positive Prime Coaching, Beat Jelly Belly Fitness, Christian Women's Fitness, and The Pitter Patter Feet Method; and her superpower is making fitness fun and sustainable.

D’TaRelle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science. She is an 'I Am Moving I Am Learning' Facilitator. A state of New Jersey approved Content Specialist in Music and Movement in Early Childhood Education. Has piloted the dance portion of New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s Early Learning Through the Arts Program. Contributed physical activities for Shaping NJ for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. And is a classically trained dancer in seven different dance disciplines.

D’TaRelle also studies Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Self-Defense-Martial Arts, and Yoga. Her core values are Freedom, Fun, Creative Expression, Beauty, Contribution and Getting Happy Results.

A lifelong learner and woman of many hats.

  • -D'TaRelle is a wife and mother

  • -She runs the Intercessory prayer ministry of her church and is on the church’s scholarship committee.

  • -In her spare time, she loves studying Neuroscience, different forms of movement & exercise, dancing and having fun.

  • -She is a lifelong learner and loves sharing what she learns.

  • -She has studied and continues to study personal development since 1988.

Work With D'TaRelle

I Help Women & Children Achieve More Happiness, Fitness & Success!!

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